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The Bartlett Summer
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Elissavet Manou, Not Set in Stone, 2021

Welcome to one of the world’s most extraordinary architectural exhibitions. The Bartlett’s annual summer show shares the creative, radical and thoughtful work of our students with a global audience. Online as in person, the diversity of projects and resonance of thematic concerns exhibited allows our audience to explore what is meant by ‘architecture’ and what it could be.


This year, over 800 students exhibit their projects within our virtual exhibition environment, exploring themes including kindness, community, inclusion, gender and the environment. Visitors can browse ambitious speculative proposals, which reimagine the future form and function of architecture, designing housing, schools, libraries, museums, commercial and industrial spaces, spaces for worship, gathering, community and reflection.

Developed in response to the pandemic in 2020, our award-winning digital platform allows each project to be shared in detail with a global audience, whilst still allowing the visitor to browse spatially, exploring 39 spaces or rooms, each assigned to a teaching group or programme. This year, we are launching project tags, grouping projects thematically, and allowing visitors to view projects related to a given theme of interest, such as resilience, computation, participation or wellbeing.

Programmes Exhibiting:

Architecture BSc (ARB/RIBA Part 1)
Programme Directors: Ana Monrabal-Cook and Luke Pearson

Architectural & Interdisciplinary Studies BSc
Programme Director: Elizabeth Dow

Engineering & Architectural Design MEng
Programme Director: Luke Olsen

Architecture MSci (ARB Part 1 & 2)
Programme Director: Sara Shafiei

Architecture MArch (ARB/RIBA Part 2)
Programme Directors: Julia Backhaus and Marjan Colletti

Find out more about our range of programmes and how to apply to study with us on our website.


As you browse the work, you will see prizewinning students highlighted for their exceptional projects.

Our prizes celebrate many categories, from drawing, to history and theory, technology and environmental design. Distinctions and First-Class Honours awards are also indicated.

View all the prizewinning work here.

The Bartlett Summer Show Book

You can also browse The Bartlett Summer Show 2021 book, which accompanies the show. As well as showcasing design projects, the book includes excerpts from history and theory essays and theses.

The Summer Show 2021 book


The views, information, or opinions expressed on The Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Show 2021 website are solely those of the individuals involved, and do not necessarily represent those of University College London and its employees.


Director of Exhibitions

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Project Manager

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Content Management

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Matthew Bowles
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Director of Communications

Penelope Haralambidou

Communications Manager

Ruth Evison

Communications and Events

Phoebe Adler
Abi Luter
Gen Williams

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23 July – 07 August 2021