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Lipstick on a Pig

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Unit PG16
Year 5
  • Distinction
  • Bartlett School of Architecture Medal, MArch

The projects proposes an architecture of a bespoke and new queer domestic, whilst parodying its heteronormative counterpart. To do this, the project draws on the aesthetic, social and domestic attitudes of the drag community.

Central to the ambitions of the project is the aim to question traditional domestic architectural space, which fails to accommodate more fluid, alternative definitions of domesticity. Instead, the queer domestic spills into the public realm where nightclubs act as living rooms, midnight spas are visited as bedrooms, and public parks act as sites of courtship. Drag in this context not only acts as a vehicle to accelerate this fluidity, but also as a strong visual sign of this deconstruction of the wider heteronormative model of living that is held today.

The proposed dwelling creates a world for three characters living both individually and collectively. The architecture is reflective of their individual aesthetics while also providing a model of living that manifests in a structure that reflects existing drag families or chosen queer families. These queer chosen families customarily create specific social structures of found relationships, outside of institutional and biological definitions that warrant equal validity.

Queenie’s Room

Queenie’s room has all the glamour, with its excessive layers of dress fabrics. Occupants can perform as they travel along the long winding stair case towards the room.

The Kitchen

The new queer domestic is used as a tool to manipulate and challenge traditional heteronormative aesthetics.


The traditional domestic architectural space fails to accommodate more fluid, alternative definitions of domesticity, the queer domestic spills into the public realm from the house.

The Club Kid’s Room

In the queer domestic, nightclubs can be seen as living rooms. In The Club Kid’s Room a living room becomes the new nightclub?

What will the Neighbours say?

Flamboyant aesthetic choices read against more conservative counterparts.

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23 July – 07 August 2021